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Turkish Resort All the Rage with Celebrities - 04 July, 2014
The upmarket Turkish resort of Kalkan has become known as the Saint Tropez of Turkey, on the back of controlled economic recovery, an improving infrastructure and increasing numbers of celebrity investors, attracted by the authentic charm of its old... read full story
International Airport Expansion Attracts Investor Interest - 23 May, 2014
The capacity and infrastructure at Gazipasa international airport in the province of Antalya are set to be increased in works to upgrade the airport, bringing fresh interest to the country's property market. According to the operator TAV Airports, the... read full story
Turkey to remain popular with overseas buyers in 2014 - 14 March, 2014
Turkey is set to continue to be popular with those buyers who are coming from overseas to invest in property, a new report has claimed. The nation's property sector was boosted by foreign buyers throughout 2013, largely because of the low prices available... read full story
Weak Currency and New Regulations Push Foreign Investment in Turkey - 10 March, 2014
The continued weakness of the currency, as well as the regulations brought in throughout the last couple of years, has meant that the number of investors in the property market in Turkey who come from overseas has seen a significant boost. According... read full story
Coastal Tourism Boosting Property Market in Turkey - 26 February, 2014
The market for tourism on the coast of Turkey is helping to boost the property market in the nation, according to new reports. The ever-improving marine tourism sector is providing a real building point for the sector this year, a trend that is likely... read full story
Lira's Fall Increases Property Sales in Turkey - 10 February, 2014
The recent financial problems in Turkey and the subsequent fall of the lira against foreign currencies has meant there has been a large increase in the number of overseas investors coming into the market. This reality has seen the volume of property sales... read full story
More Self Builders Buying Land in Turkey - 06 February, 2014
More people are now looking to make the most from their investment by putting their money into land for self-build property in Turkey , it has been revealed in a new study. Homes in the country have been reported to be a great investment option for pound... read full story
Positive Economic News To Boost Turkish Property - 21 January, 2014
The market for property in Turkey in 2014 could be boosted by the fact that the economy is starting to recover after a long period of downturn and uncertainty, according to commentators in the country. It comes just a week after it was claimed that the... read full story
Falling Currency Value MAking Turkish Property More Attractive - 16 January, 2014
More people are likely to be investing in property in Turkey in the near future, according to predictions, thanks to the falling currency value in the nation. According to reports, the political turmoil that is currently in place in Turkey is likely to... read full story
Will political uncertainty derail Turkish property? - 30 December, 2013
This year has been a tale of success for Turkish property but its upwards trajectory could be threatened by continued political uncertainty. Indeed, protests against the government may deter investors and over Christmas the situation appears to... read full story
What's the property success story of 2013? - 13 December, 2013
The year is drawing to a close and as experts start to name the winners and losers of 2013 in the property market, one clear success story is emerging. Turkish real estate has exceeded all expectations this year, outperforming the rest of Europe when... read full story
It's faster than ever to invest in Turkish property - 15 November, 2013
It is now quicker to invest in Turkish property than ever before for foreign buyers, thanks to changes brought in by the government to encourage more people from overseas to enter the market. In addition to removing restrictions on various countries that... read full story
No sign of cooling for Istanbul property - 05 November, 2013
Istanbul is the ideal destination for people on the hunt for Turkish property and according to one expert, the market shows no sign of cooling. The pace of growth in the city has certainly increased in recent months, explained, thanks... read full story
What will EU membership mean for Turkish property? - 28 October, 2013
Turkey is moving closer to joining the EU and investors will now be questioning what this will mean for the country's property market. Talks over Turkey's membership will restart on November 5th and will hopefully mark the end of a long journey. The country... read full story
Gulf investors warned about impulse buying Turkish property - 21 October, 2013
Normally the goal of a real estate exhibition is to encourage investors to buy property, but one expert at the recent Cityscape Global event wasn't there with the intention to blindly sell. Instead, Tolga Han, international vice-president of Projebeyaz... read full story
Arabian Gulf investors driving Turkish development - 11 October, 2013
Turkish property development is being driven by investors from the Arabian Gulf on the hunt for multimillion-dollar opportunities. The reciprocity law has been instrumental in bringing this about, and at least one developer is eyeing a billion (£1.3... read full story
Turkish govt may cut red tape to attract foreign property buyers - 27 September, 2013
The Turkish government is welcoming overseas property buyers, as it considers cutting red tape in order to see to “foreigners with money”. Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) officials emphasised the importance of attracting wealthy... read full story
Turkey sees greatest house price jump in Europe - 11 September, 2013
The story of the European property market has been a tale of woe in recent years but it seems things are looking up. Leading the way is Turkish real estate and according to Knight Frank the country has seen prices rise by the greatest amount on the continent... read full story
Foreign investors not put-off by Turkish turbulence - 08 August, 2013
Domestic turbulence is not deterring foreign investors from ploughing money into Turkish property it seems. New figures from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning revealed overseas buyer numbers more than doubled during the first six months of... read full story
Holiday let market Alanya could heat up - 05 August, 2013
The holiday let market in Alanya could soon see an influx of new buyers, as more and more holidaymakers flock to the area. Turkish property is already proving to be attractive to investors, with the country faring better than most during the recession.... read full story
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